Documentation of St. Helen gothic church in the village Stránske


St. Helen gothic church in the village Stránske was geodeticly focused and documented by terrestrial laser scanner Faro Focus for the needs of the Regional Heritage Institute in Žilina and the civil association Slovak Land Restoration and we have processed 2D CAD technical documentation to the needs of the client.

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Faro Freestyle3D handheld scanner


You can use handheld scanner Faro Freestyle3D in the fields of construction, manufacturing, architecture, documentation of cultural heritage, archeology and restoration of the objects, forensic engineering or impact tests documentation (crash tests). 


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Laser Scanner Faro Focus X130 and Faro Focus X330


After the huge sales success of terrestrial laser scanner Faro Focus 3D, the producer introduced its successor at the end of 2013 - FARO Focus X130 and FARO Focus X330. Model X130 has similar characteristics as Focus 3D 120 S. 

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From university to business


A few young men from the University of Žilina have started to be interested in laser scanning during study. Today the company digitalizes manufacturing facilities not only for BMW or Audi but also helps to reconstruct shattered monuments.

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The Scanning of the Lietava Castle by color laser scanner FARO Focus 3D


Usage of laser scanners in practice is increasing and affordability also contributes to this fact. On the other hand it should be noted that scanning quality enhanced, color scanning option, as well as compact devices with battery power. 

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iQservices has supported regional projects again


When we started a pilot project for preservation of cultural heritage of the Lietava castle last year, we also decided to support the projects that we know will be benefit for general public this year. These are voluntary associations that work on restoration of cultural monuments respectively ensure the development of culture in our region. 

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