Faro Freestyle3D handheld scanner

In early 2015 the company introduced a new scanner Faro Faro Freestyle3D. It is a small hand-held laser scanner that allows rapid and accurate scanning, combined with highly accurate color data. Due to its size and the light weight can be used in scanning of less accessible places. Of course there is the possibility to import the measured data into conventional CAD software solutions.

Freestyler3D uses 1st safety class laser like the Faro Focus X330. During scanning the scanner is connected via USB 3 interface with either tablet or notebook. We deliver also tablet which is used to set the parameters for the visualization and measurement data and also serves as power supply for the scanner. The data are recorded on Micro SDXC memory cards. There is a combination of measured data from a stationary laser scanner Faro Focus Class X and the handheld scanner Faro Freestyle3D.

You can use handheld scanner Faro Freestyle3D in the fields of construction, manufacturing, architecture, documentation of cultural heritage, archeology and restoration of the objects, forensic engineering or impact tests documentation (crash tests). 

Basic technical specifications:

  • Size 260 x 310 x 105
  • Weight: 0, 98 kg
  • 2 Infrared cameras
  • 1RGB camera
  • one laser source
  • 1st laser safety class
  • Working distance from the object: 0.5 to 3 m
  • 3D measurement accuracy
  • The amount of measured data: max. 88,000 points / second
  • Color depth of measurements 24 bit
  • Connectivity: USB3
  • The possibility of self-calibration of the device using calibration plates (no need to send the scanner to the manufacturer for calibration)
  • For further information you can visit  brochure or technical specificacion.

Package content:

  • Freestyle3D scanner
  • Transport case
  • Micro SD card
  • SD card reader
  • Calibration plate
  • Tablet Microsoft Surface Pro 3
  • Cleaning set
  • License Scene (Capture + Process)
  • One-year upgrade for Faro Scene


If you are interested in purchasing these devices, please contact us. As an authorized dealer FARO laser scanners for Slovakia and the Czech Republic we can clarify any ambiguities.








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