Start-up sets are designed for laser scanning for both beginners and professional use.


iQservices, s.r.o.

iQservices, Ltd. is an authorized dealer of scanners Faro in Slovakia and Czech Republic and offers consultancy and service in the field of terrestrial laser scanning and processing of point clouds into 2D drawings respectively 3D CAD models of objects to its customers. It is focused on documentation of buildings, industrial buildings, steel structures, pipe bridges, production facilities in different formats (DWG, DGN, step, obj, CPA, SDNF, jt, RVT and many more). The part of pipe bridges documentation presents isometric piping drawings and 3D models of steel structures in the format SDNF which is further possible to use in the specialized tools for projecting respectively static calculations. The part of our portfolio is the analysis creation of projected and existing state or place of object and also measurement of the deviations caused by wear.

We use programs from companies Bentley, Autodesk, Geomagic, Adobe, Faro and PointCAB for data processing

In the field of hardware we are selling FARO scanners and accessories necessary for laser scanning.

Our long-term experience in the field dating back to 2002 presents our quality guarantee. Since this year we are interested in this issue. 

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