About Company

The company iQservices, Ltd. is composed of professionals who are interested in laser scanning and consulting in the field of laser scanning and processing of point clouds into 2D drawings or 3D CAD models in industry, architecture and culture since 2002.

iQservices Ltd. is one of the few companies not only in Slovakia but also in the world, dealing with the technology of 3D laser scanning. The main focus of the company is processing of measured data from laser scanners, creation of CAD models and subsequent analysis, planning and improvement of process.

We use programs from companies Bentley, Autodesk, Geomagic, Adobe, Faro and PointCAB for data processing.

We sell brand  FARO and accesories.

In Slovakia we sell products of company PointCAB.

Our company philosophy is to deliver our customers a complete solution in the minimum timeframe. Therefore we are using the latest technologies to capture the reality in different working environments. Our specialized teams can begin capturing of current conditions as soon as possible after receiving an order.

Our customers have repeatedly confirmed that these factors make our modeling processes the quickest and most efficient at the market.

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