3D scanner and traffic accident documentation

The site documentation in the event of a serious traffic accident in the Rhein-Kreis Neuss district will be provided by the Central Traffic Accident Documentation Unit. The information obtained will serve as evidence.In addition to the standard technical equipment for documenting traffic accidents, a 3D laser scanner was added to their equipment.

A FARO 3D terrestrial laser scanner will create a point cloud and color photo documentation of the traffic accident.The team is currently using the single-image photogrammetry method alongside 3D laser scanning. In two months, a 3D laser scanner will be used as the primary tool for documenting traffic accidents in the district of Rhein-Kreis Neuss.Automatic registration and built-in GPS module enable fast processing of measured data into a single unit – a point cloud. Subsequently, it is possible to measure and analyze the traffic accident from different angles.In this way, it is subsequently possible to measure objects that were not analyzed by normal procedures when initially documenting the traffic accident.



Traffic accident documentation using 3D laser scanning NGZ-Photo: woi  


This is the 11th device in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia to be used in traffic accident documentation. According to Udo Strerath from the Central Traffic Accident Documentation Unit, this device is versatile and can replace drones used in accident documentation. A 3D laser scanner allows starting accident documentation earlier and end work sooner, which shortens the road closure.


Documentation of a simulated traffic accident – USI Žilina Photo: iQservices



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