Training and consulting

Our Company has rich experience in providing training. We provide consulting activities related to the concept of digitalization, including development of the business reference grid, laser scanning, transferring data to the CAD program, choosing the right CAD software as well as elements of effective use of 3D models in planning, reconstruction or the simulation.

The main areas of training are focused on the practical work in CAD for the field of 3D models, their processing, planning or optional reconstruction. Leading-edge applications for work with these models are Microstation, AutoCAD and its various extensions. Graduates will get comprehensive overview of the scope and use of data obtained by laser scanning technology in the CAD program, will get experience with modeling in CAD systems and will practise all trained subjects on the computer. Themes and forms of training can be adapted to the individual needs of the used profession.

At our training about laser scanning participant will learn about setting the scanner, layout of reference points, registration of collected data into a single model in the program Faro Scene from our trainers who are interested in laser scanning since 2002. Trainers provide guidance on specific problems then.

The training in program package PointCAB contains instruction how to import skins or create a basic project, floor plans, sections, calculate volumes, create PDF presentations, virtual tours, orthophotos from the point clouds.


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