Planning support for the implementation of new production

We received an order from a customer to effectively create a complete documentation of plans and sections of an existing facility for car production.

What is the main advantage of laser scanning compared with conventional methods of measurement? We were able to focus building, steel structures, machinery, equipment, transportation systems and utility networks by laser scanner with all the details in a short term. Within a few days we were able to capture the existing state of equipment. The customer can use the generated scans to provide additional information to ensure the right decisions in planning. Laser scanning is an important factor to ensure that planner`s decisions are based on a thorough analysis.


The point clouds were converted into 3D CAD model after completing the measurements. All client´s requirements were implemented in CAD documentation in format, content, subtlety, accuracy as well as the definition of layers, colors, etc... This way all planners were able to use their results in a CAD environment, without having to understand laser scanning and point clouds. Errors in planning and time-consuming measurements have been drastically reduced to a minimum.

Company Engineers could analyze the generated layouts and cuts in a very short time. They had plans of robotic cells and were able to examine the current deployment of robots, cables and security equipment.



Thanks to this innovative technology customer acquired CAD model which is a reflection of reality and can be used for different purposes. This data was used by the contractor for planning and installation of new machinery and equipment, as well as time estimates and elaborateness reconstruction. The result was a model that could be used directly with the customer's CAD tools.

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