Optimization & Planning

Laser scanning and actual 3D models of factory buildings and equipment are widely used in industrial engineering. In today's "digital world" all the activities carried out by companies are running on the computers. It is the same in process analysis where the real 3D models, which are actually translated into the actual state of software interfaces that are used for activities such as:

  • Optimization of material flows
  • Optimization of work
  • Removing bottlenecks
  • Minimization the production areas
  • Simulation production

3D planning is one of the new techniques for designing production systems. In 3D planning we have all the real constraints that actually exist so we can plan and design new production without collisions and additional changes in its implementation.


The benefits of 3D planning:

  • Reducing design time
  • Planning with zero error (collision detection)
  • Reduce the cost of additional changes in the implementation of changes
  • Visualization and animation of future processes
  • The location of new machines (equipment manufacturers provide 3D models of their equipment)
3D layout machine
3D layout machine
3D layout machine
3D layout machine
3D layout machine
3D layout machine

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