Oversized objects

Laser scanning of oversized objects is done quite often. These are projects where it is necessary to reconstruct production facilities, install new large technological units in existing facilities where there may be situations of collision (collision detection), schedule exact connections to technological units (the exact position of the flange in the space) or check the accuracy of formations prior to installation. Interventions or replacement of important components can be simulated before real intervention. An accurate 3D CAD model is necessary to obtain relevant data.


Fields of using of laser scanning and CAD modeling for oversized objects:

  • Vehicles
    • Ship construction
    • Aircraft construction
    • Trains construction
  • Machinery
  • Technological units
  • Turbines


Our customer will receive:

  • The precise structured 2D or 3D CAD model in the required format (dwg, dxf, dgn, step, sdnf, parasolid, jt, obj,  skp...)
  • Project documentation in the form of 2D PDF or 3D PDF
  • Presentation of rendered images for marketing purposes (jpg, png, tiff...)
  • A complete set of laser scans (fws, pts, ptx...) with a free browser
  • Laser scans in the HTML form for the needs of virtual tours


reverse engineering

Reverse engineering of production equipment

Reverse engineering of aircraft

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